Promotional stationary is a popular item in the business promotion sector, with many business companies opting for this product as it offers good brand exposure. In this article we would like to discuss a couple of unique products in this category that will help take your name into the consumer world effectively and also some few tips on how to choose promotional stationary for your brand campaign.


Given below are some tips for some elegant branded promotional items:

1. Branded Ruler with Calculator: This product is something unique which all executives would like to have on their work tables. The ruler can be well designed with your logo and brand name to give good brand visibility. Not only will your branded product be seen by the user, but everyone else who visits this desk will take a second look at this unique product.

2. Stand-up Stapler: Another unique piece of stationary. Staplers are generally made to lay flat on the table; however, this product has been specially designed in a stand-up position so that it can give good brand visibility for your logo and marketing slogan. It comes in a choice of colors with a contoured rubber hand grip – perfect for an executive’s table.

3. Rectangular Paper Clip Dispenser: This is a product which comes in a clear case and a white top, allowing the facility of taking in an attractively designed logo and brand name. It is an item which is commonly found on every executive’s table, and it will do well as a branded product.

4. Laser Engraved Desk Memo Pad: This is a sophisticated stationary product which is ideal for a senior manager’s table. It has a silver finish and it can be attractively branded with your logo and marketing message. Most of these memo pads include a pen as well to make the product complete.

5. Laser Engraved Letter Opener: A letter opener is a much-needed item on every executive’s table. This item can be stylishly designed and it offers very good brand visibility.

6. Promotional Paperweights: They come in a variety of designs; some of which are made of silver or crystal which are elegant for an executive’s table. Your logo and brand name can be well-designed on this product which offers excellent brand exposure too.

7. Branded Notepads: This is an important stationary product which is commonly found on all work desks. They come in different varieties – block pads, post-it notes, sticky pads etc. This is a perfect product to customize with your logo as it offers continuous brand visibility.

8. Business Card Cases: Every executive will need to have on his/her desk a little case containing business cards. These card cases can be elegantly designed with your logo on the top. The stylish card cases are available in a matt silver finish and can be branded very well.

mail-1Choosing promotional stationary for a promotional campaign:

The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind is the budget of the campaign and how much money you want to spend on promotional gift items. According to your budget you can plan if you want to present printed pens or promotional parker pens. There is a variety of both cheap and expensive promotional stuff available in the market but it is very important to ascertain your budget so that choices can be made.

Secondly you must try and choose a promotional gift which suits the place where you are distributing it. For example magnet stickers may not be a big hit if you start distributing them in a trade show but it will be quite effective when you will distribute it at a market near your home . It is very important to choose promotional products according to the venue, target group and company profile.

christmas-promotionThirdly one should never look for the cheapest promotional gifts because these are of low grade quality which can sometimes work against the reputation of your company. You should always try and buy cheap promotional products which are of reasonably good quality.

Last but not the least is the availability of the product. The availability of a promotional gift item matters a lot and you should always choose a product which is easily available at a market nearby. You should always confirm the delivery date of the gift item well in advance and buy from a reputed retailer or dealer.

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If you select an appropriate promotional stationary product and customize it elegantly with your desired marketing message, you are sure to achieve good results not only in generating revenue but also in maintaining a good company reputation.