While traveling one spends most of their time in the outdoors. This means that the skin is more exposed to the sun’s rays which can actually harm the skin. Before you make a visit to a plastic surgeon in Dallas note that, new environments may pose a particular challenge to skin health. Here’s how to protect your skin during outings.


Dress code
How one is dressed determines how much skin is exposed to the elements. Ideal long sleeved clothing ensures little exposure at any given time. Be sure to do some research to be aware of the climate. If traveling to the beach, for instance, a hat and a pair of sunglasses best fits the bill.

Clothing choices go a long way in experiencing a comfortable stay. Breathable light fabric is ideal for hot sunny places. The arms and legs need protection from harsh elements.

Applying sunscreen or moisturizer blocks UV rays from the sun from causing damage. Avoid sunburn by reapplying these products frequently especially when on outings.

At the end of the day it is recommended to inspect sensitive skin spots for any notable changes. It will guide the traveler to neglected areas that needs better application.

Stay in the shade
The intensity of the sun rays increases as the day wears on before fading away during evening hours. The hottest time is usually from 11 am to 3 pm when the sun is overhead. It is recommended to seek shaded spots during these times.

There many effective strategies to take up that protect your skin. The outdoor environment needs to be properly understood before the actual trip is made. Planning for the eventualities if the trip will help travelers make good decisions.


Children on board
Carrying an umbrella may seem like extra baggage but is a really important essential especially if there are children or toddlers on board. Baby’s skin is especially sensitive to the environment and damages easily if exposed for a few hours outside.

Unnecessary delays
In order to have a hassle free trip without incidences it is necessary to have an itinerary at hand. Advance booking and double checking reservations among other arrangements will ensure that there is no delay whatsoever. Waiting time spent outdoors can be reduced this way and this reduces the overall time spent in the glaring sun.

The skin continually releases sweat to keep it cool. When in the outdoors sweating is more prevalent in order to cope with the heat. Drinking water regularly during the trip will keep the skin hydrated and keep away adverse effects such as dry flaky skin. Hydration can also come from sources such as fruits and vegetables. Regular intake will keep skin radiant with a natural glow.

Take some rest
Traveling can be a hectic affair that drains one of their energy. A common sign of this burnout is dark circles underneath the eyes. If the planned trip racks up thousands of miles it is best to have ample resting time in between the journey. This lets the body to reset it natural skin revitalizing processes and readjust to the new environment.

Skin appearance is an indicator of overall health. Due to its sensitivity it is important to take early notice of any discrepancy and deal with it accordingly.

Keep clean
While traveling it is likely to get into contact with all sorts of dirt and grime along the way. The buildup may negatively affect skin causing acne, pimples and other effects. The best defense against this menace is keeping skin clean and moisturized always. After a long travel be sure to wash and clean up. The facial area is especially sensitive to any changes and may react to the slightest change from one’s routine.

Stick to favorite brands
Replacements for the range of cosmetics used needs to be the same brands as before. Dallas plastic surgeons argue that skin may react when taking up new brands. The traveler can avoid this pitfall by stocking up adequately on their preferred brands before starting the trip. If for some reason a new brand is the only option it is better to try it out on a small area. If there is no notable occurrence then it can be adopted for the time being.

Traveling is a great adventure that comes with its own memorable experiences. Top tips to protect your skin are quite easy to follow for a smooth sailing all the time.