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Interested in the arts?

I’m KJ and I’m interested in the arts too. I would like to take you to places you have never visited and let you see beautiful works of art to which no one has exposed you. If you are interested in reading edgy and upbeat articles about the arts, then you’ve come to the right place.

We like new music

We find music from around the world fascinating. Listening, playing to and producing our own music is part of our passion and we would like to invite you to break out your harmoniums, harmonicas, guitars, ukeleles, nose flutes, pan pipes, Irish whistles, cajones, spoons and all the more conventional instruments too to make music in your home and with your children. We want to see art made that can engage not just the art connoisseur but also the child learning to love to draw and color with crayons. Bring us your children’s drawings and share with us your refrigerator gallery and we’ll make you a star or at least we’ll do our best to develop a following and get you a second of fame in some internet surfer’s living room while they accidentally click on the wrong link and find themselves appreciating art in its truest form, free.

We like dance

We find ourselves dancing around the office at KJ. Sometimes we’re lifting our feet sometimes we’re bobbing our heads. Sometimes we’re asking, “What is love?” and admiring the comedic routines of Jim Carey on Saturday Night Live. If you’re an art voyeur and enjoy the clean arts then you’ll enjoy this blog. Don’t forget to leave comments and suggestions. Keep those feet tapping and don’t forget what love is.

We like the paintings

Who doesn’t like the fine arts? Painting, sculpting, drawing, etching and all kinds of fabric work. We’ve been enjoying Picasso’s work recently in the office, deconstructing and reconstructing it with great critique. We like artwork. KJ will continue to bring you the art of everything, including sales.

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