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Plus sized people are always are at a crossroad when it comes to shopping for their clothes.A common misconception is that plus sized people only have to wear clothes with stretchy fabrics.Elastic materials are a more common cloth among plus sized people but this should not be a followed guide in the making choice of the boutique to acquire.Various fabrics of all kinds can and are used to make clothes for plus sized people. Malasian fabric have proven themselves in the cloth industry as one of the best fabrics to settle on when making of any type of apparels.Plus sized boutique is not an exception to the Malasian fabric use.

There are various Malasian fabric that are used in the textile industry in the production of clothes.

Asia boasts of having the best of fabric and as a result,it annually heads in the production of textiles more than any other continent.Cotton fabrics are very popular among textile industries in Asian countries like Malaysia for the production of plus sized boutique.Cotton comes of as a long lasting type of fabric.Its breathability enables it to be a cloth of all seasons.It can thus be worn during cold weather keeping you warm and during hot weather keeping you warm.It Is also preferred as cotton does not induce any kind of allergic reactions to the wearer.
By krsgeekwriter - Flickr: Image492, CC BY 2.0,

By krsgeekwriter – Flickr: Image492, CC BY 2.0,

Silk is another fabric ideal to use in the making of plus sized boutique.While soft with the ability to easily drape,It is very strong and durable.It is a very comfortable cloth and can be worn in both hot and cool weathers.It is also very easy to wash and can be handwashed or machine washed according to the instructions that are provided for. It also provides the ease to dye and thus provides a myriad of clothes with very desirable colors making amazing batik scarf.
Another alternative to the elastic materials apparels is the Ramie fibre. Ramie is interwoven from the fibre of an Asian plant called ramie,also referred to as Chinese grass.Ramie is stronger than even cotton.It however provides clothes that are lightweight,fine and longlasting. It is a common Malaysian fibre and other Asian countries.
Chiffon,made from either silk or polyester is a fabric that is common for production of plus sized boutique.This is because chiffon is not meant to be skin tight.It drapes easily over the body due to the light plain weave of the fabric.It possesses a sheer elegant appearance that exudes style and it’s the reason why its among the favorite fabrics.Its considered feminine and is thus mostly worn by women.
Warm and cosy to wear, wool is a one of the favorites among plus sized boutiques.A natural fibre, it is very resilient and thus long lasting.Kind of elastic,it fits comfortably well around you and then goes back to its shape when removed.It does not cause any allergic reactions to the wearer and is good as it does not pick up dirt and stains easily.
Made from hairs collected from the undercoat of Cashmere goats.Cashmere is another go to fabric and alternative for plus sized people.Cashmere goats have a very fine and soft undercoats that protect them form the biting weather in Mongolia.Cashmere is soft,supple fine and lightweight and is an ideal clothing fabric to wear.
Polyester,a synthetic fibre is another common fabric for Asian textile industries.It has numerous advantages ranging from that it does not crease and does not lose its shape over time.It can also be worn for a long time without it fading.It is a highly appreciated fabric and can blend with natural fibres like cotton to make them more lasting.It is also easy to wash by either hand or machine.Given that it is synthetic,products from this fabric are relatively cheaper compared to those from natural fibres.
Polyacrylic or acrylic, is another synthetic fibre that can be used to make amazing fabric for plus sized boutique.It has woolen-like qualities but with a relatively lighter weight.It is commonly made into sweaters as it provides warmth.It has the advantage of being soft and is able to retain color over long periods of time.Given that it is synthetic,it is also relatively cheaper than woolen fabrics.
The above are alternative Malasian fabric for plus sized boutique.You can now spruce and spice up your wardrobe with a variety of fabrics to continue looking beautiful every passing day.The fabrics can also be designed by the Malaysian batka design for those who might be interested.Malaysian batik is beautiful art printed on fabrics of various shapes and geometrical designs.The butterfly art on fabrics is a design to be marveled upon.

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