Photography on High Altitude

Photography is an art that encompasses one word which is vision. It is the ability for someone to envision a final result in their mind and bring it to fruition using a camera. Photography is not really about the kind of equipment you have. It’s all about being able to see an object and bringing it out the exact way you want it. The thing that differentiates one photographer from the other is how he is able to see things and bring them out. Therefore snapping away is the easy part; the power of observation is what makes a good photographer. The best photographs are produced by the photographer who is knowledgeable about how his or her camera works and takes the time to read through the manual. An even greater photographer will be able to make the camera do things it is not supposed to do. Most photographers turn to helicopters, gas balloons, mountains and high buildings as destinations for high altitude photography.

Below are some high altitude photography tips

Gas balloon Photo Shoot
A Gas balloon is a great destination for high altitude photography as you can get a great view from any location in the sky as you are in constant motion. When you are in a gas balloon it is important to keep your camera well fitted due to the constant motion. It is important to plan your shots in advance with the kind of lenses you will need as it may be difficult to change the lenses once you are up in the sky. This advance planning will ensure that you are able to get the best shots. The trick of getting the best photographs is the ability to choose the best locations. The position at the edge of the balloon is the best place to get a clear view of the area under the balloon.

the-sceneryPhoto shoot from Mountain
Mountain destinations are in most cases the first destinations that wildlife and nature photographers choose. It is a great choice for nature lovers and professional photographers due to its serene beauty and calmness. Though mountains provide serene locations to shoot from, it is important to be cautious of the direction of the wind and insect on the mountain tops. Have a first aid kit and insect repellent at hand.

Photo shoot from Building Rooftops
Building roof tops are the best destinations for photographers that are on a budget as they are much cheaper. It is easier to take still photographs from a building roof top but the direction of the wind and coverage will pose a problem. It is critical to look out for wind direction and to wait until you have the perfect weather for your photo shoot. Getting the best photographs requires a lot of patience. You can try a number of locations for example one that allows you to get a 360 degree view from the roof. Once you get it, you can start taking your photographs. It is important to take safety precautions when taking photos at the edge of any building to avoid slipping.

Helicopter Photo Shoots
A helicopter photo shoot is an amazing experience for any budding photographer as it allows for better stills that are clear and visible. From a helicopter shoot, you only get a clear view of the shot from a right and left angle as opposed to a gas balloon where you get the shot from all angles. For a photographer to get the best photos from above, they need to take them in flash mode as there is a possibility the photos might shake due to the speed of the helicopter and the altitude. This can require insurance, contact your health care law advisor.

sunriseIf the photographer does not have the basic elements and a good foundation of photography the photographs taken will fall far short from the actual goal intended. Photography is not about the most expensive equipment as someone with the most expensive equipment can still take a terrible photo. It is all about a photographer who is passionate about the craft, has a willingness to learn and has an ability to connect with their viewer; that is the one who will become the best photographer. Ansel Adams one of the most famous landscape artists once said that the best photographs are the ones that show what a person feels in the most deepest sense. Photography is therefore a way of expressing a passion in something else. The image that a photographer captures should show the passion he feels for that moment or particular scene. When a person views the works of a photographer, they should be able to get an idea of the kind of person they are.

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